Public and private commissions, projects

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1975 Theater sets, with Gérard Garouste and Pilippe Starck, for David Rochline's first play "A toutes les Gloires de France".

1990 Sens, plans for the garden of the Lycée Pierre et Marie Curie.
        Architect Didier Michelon, landscape-architect Louis Maunoury

1990 Sens, plans for the garden of the Lycée Pierre et Marie Curie.
        Architect Didier Michelon, landscape-architect Louis Maunoury

1991 Auxerre, works for the office of the President of the Conseil Général de l'Yonn.
        Architect Didier Michelon

1992 Municipal Theater of Montpellier, sets for Gounod’s Faust, directed bnby Jean-Paul Lucet.

1991-1993 Chartres, plan d'aménagement des jardins de la Cathédrale, architecte Guy Siefert

1994 -Paron, a monumental work for the Collège André Malraux.
         Architects Pierre Soria and Michel Dusolle                                       

         -Lyon-Gerland, works for the main hall of the main European office of Pasteur-Merieux-MSD.
          Architect Albert Constantin

         -Le Mans, works for the Institut Supérieur des Matériaux.
          Architects Philippe Duverger and Daniel Saintagnan

1995 Joigny, tapestry for the entrance hall of the Salle Claude Debussy, TISCA, ateliers SFP.
        Architect Didier Michelon

1997 Pont-Rémy, works for TDI

1998 - Lunéville, monumental paintings for the ceiling of the ceiling of the access gallery of the theater.
       Architect Guy Siefert. Architect in charge of lighting Yann Desforges

         - Lyon-Ecully, project of a work for the laboratories of Police technique et scientifique.
           Architects Albert Constantin and Michel Remon

         - Nancy, project of a ceiling for the renavation of the Gingko pharmacy on the occasion of the centennial of the Ecole de Nancy d'Art Nouveau., Architect Guy Siefert.
           Architecte in charge of lighting Yann Desforges

         - Baden-Württemberg, works for the Seniorenzentrum of Aidlingen. 
           Architects Hans Peter Walhers and Franz Haibt

2001 Project for works destine to decorate the office of the mayor of Joigny.
        Architect Didier Michelon

2002 Resident artist of the city of Lodève, for a free project to be displayed in an exhibition of his works in 2005

2004 Project of a work for the Trésorerie Générale du Rhône Lyon.
        Architect Albert Constantin

2005 Tapestry for the Collège du Gâtinais in Burgundy, (Funded by the « un pour cent artistique »), "Phoebus", Conseil Général de l'Yonne

2006 Stained glass windowss of the church of Bouzy in Champagne, using a revolutionary technique with neither metal or lead, for the first time anywhere in the world. Executed by Antoine Benoit  Maser Glazier

2007 Four works for the IES of Sens (Institut d'enseignement Supérieur),(funded by the « un pour cent artistique ») Conseil Général of the Yonne

2009 Stained glass (first phase: four out of twelve) for the restoration of the church of Ecueil. Technique devised by Antoine Benoit Master Glazier.
        Architect Pierre Weiler, Paris

2010 -Mock-up (45m²) for the chapel of the Collège St Joseph in Reims
       - Project and four mock-ups for the stained glass windows of the church of Notre Dame Beaumont-les-Autels.
       - A body of six works for the home of a Swiss collector

2012 Execution of twenty-one stained glass windows of the chapel of the Collège St Joseph in Reims.

2017 Execution of thirteen stained glass windows of the churche of Longuesse (click)
         Simon-Marq workshop and Fort Royal, Architect Pierre Weiler

2020 - Project of a stained glass window for the chapel of Turlande in Paulhenc (Cantal)
          - Project of 5 stained glass windows for a private chapel at the Hospital, Saint-Cirgues-de- Malbert (Cantal)


    Jardin lumineux 1994   acrylique  148 x 89 cm